Saturday, 21 July 2007

New Season 2007/2008 - My Opinion


In the last few weeks Liverpool have been busy strengthening the squad in preparation for the new season. In the process Rafa Benitez has spent in excess of £40 Million with the possibility of more signings to come before the transfer window closes.

The keys signings are Fernando Torres, Ryan Babel, Yossi Benayoun and Andriy Voronin.

Fernando Torres really excites me, he is the kind of player that Liverpool have been lacking over recent season. Torres may have cost over £20 Million but you get a lot for your money. He is still only 23 years old, but has lots of experience for a player so young. He has captained Atletico Madrid since the age of 19, he has played for Spain and scored goals at the highest level. He his strong, quick, reasonably good in the air, un-selfish and creates as many goals as he scores. If this lad can settle quickly and form a partnership with the likes of Kuyt we could see a lot of goals this season.

Ryan Babel on the other hand is a talented youngster but almost an unknown quantity. At the age of 21 he has shown glimpses of what he can do. He has played for Ajax and already won caps for Holland nation first team which is impressive considering the talent that Holland has in the wide/attacking positions. It looks as though Babel has been bought as a left winger which is a job Babel can certainly do. However, when playing in this position he likes to come inside (Henry like) and go for goal, but what we really need is someone who will cross the ball from wide positions and supply the ammunition for the likes of Torres, Crouch and Kuyt. I don't think babel will give us this.

Yossi Benayoun is another tricky attacking player that Rafa has invested in. Again, I think he has been bought as a wide right player but this isn't a position that he is used to playing. He is more of a creative central midfielder but with the wealthy choice of midfielders at our disposal I was surprised that Rafa bought him from West Ham.

Although Rafa has invested heavily in attacking players I still thin we are lacking quality wide players that can beat defenders and produce qulity balls into the box. I was desperately hoping that we were on the verge of signing Ricard Quaresma from Porto but the all the paper talk proved to be false. Quaresma would scare the hell out of defenders and could easily occupy 2 or 3 defenders at a time effectively taking them out of the game and creating space for his team mates. I feel that there were two reason's why Rafa didn't gamble on quaresma. Firstly was the price, Porto wanted £17 Million for the player but considering his age (23) and the amazing skill that this player posseses I would call that a bargain in today's market. Secondly, Quaresma loves to go forward and run at defenses but he doesn't like to run back toward his own goal and defend, Benitez is well known for his defensive teams and unfortunately Quaresma isn't a defensive minded player, which is a shame.

I hope that new signings will make an impact for the new season and once again the mighty Reds can contend for the premiership, but I don't think this season will be any different from the last. Until Rafa drafts in quality wingers I think that we will fall short once again, and if Man Utd capture Tevez, I can't see anyone catching them this year!

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